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Re: [DDEB] Status on automatic debug packages (2015-08-24)

Hi Niels,

On Mon, Aug 24, 2015 at 11:12:41PM +0200, Niels Thykier wrote:
>  * Up to 5 packages need to change section (see "Implementation-
>    details" below)
>    - See #796834, #796836, #796839, #796840, and #796842.


> Implementation-details
> ======================
> There are some details behind the implementation that might be of
> general interest.
>  * All packages in the "debug" section will be moved from unstable to
>    the new "unstable-debug" (separate mirror list)
>    - Including "manual" debug packages

I wonder how this list was arrived at.  Offhand, I see the libc6-dbg and
python3.5-dbg packages are both in section 'debug', both of which are part
of the build-dependency closure of main; I'm pretty sure we don't want them
shunted to a separate archive.

Analysis of Build-Dependencies[1] also shows libpetsc3.4.2-dbg is affected,
which wasn't in your list.

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[1] grep-dctrl -sBuild-Depends -FBuild-Depends  -r '.*-dbg' \
	/chroots/sid/var/lib/apt/lists/*Sources \
    | grep -vE 'python3?(-all)?-dbg|libc[0-9.]+-dbg' | less

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