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Debian derivatives panel at DebConf15

Hi folks,

The Debian derivatives panel at DebConf15 will be tomorrow (2015-08-20)
at 1:00 and will have the following members. If anyone isn't able to
make it, please let me know so that one of the backups can take over.
It would be great if the backups could also be in the audience to ask
questions of other derivatives and to keep the discussion going. I have
some pre-prepared questions from last time to spark discussion if
needed. We'll start with introductions and go to audience questions.
If you want to talk beforehand, find me at the BBQ or breakfast.
It would also be great if someone could take notes on gobby:

gobby infinote://gobby.debian.org/debconf15/panel/derivatives


Chaired by Paul Wise
Raphael Hertzog representing Kali Linux
Joshua Powers representing hLinux
Nolan Leake representing Cumulus Linux
Adrián Gibanel López representing Rescatux
Matthias Klumpp representing Tanglu
Solvieg representing Tails


Gaudenz Steinlin for Lernstick
other Tails folks
Michael Prokop for Grml
Emmanuel Kasper for Proxmox



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