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intermediate tasks for Debian derivatives census code

Hi all,

I have a couple of intermediate tasks for the derivatives census code
if anyone would like to help out some more.

Axel Beckert requested a dd-list of packages patched by derivatives,
for all derivatives and for individual ones. I think we would want the
dd-list to be based on sid Sources but the server runs stable so the
sid sources will need downloading. I'd suggest using the same
mechanisms as are used for downloading derivatives apt info.


Many derivatives are using reprepro and some of those expose their
reprepro distributions config file to the world. It would be
interesting to download these configuration files when appropriate,
compare their contents with the sources.list file and report any
discrepancies. Probably the place to add the checks would be the script
check-sources-list. Probably the file should be downloaded for all
distros, except those that have a 'Archive tool' field but don't have
reprepro listed in that field. An example of a derivative that uses
reprepro and exposes their config is SteamOS, but they don't declare
that on their wiki page, maybe add warnings for this case. There will
be lots of cases of distros where the config file isn't public so the
scripts shouldn't make noise when it is missing or access is refused.




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