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Re: Debian derivatives & DebConf15?

El 29/03/15 a las 14:05, Paul Wise escribió:
Hi all,

Who is involved in a Debian derivative and going to DebConf15?
I am involved in Rescatux. I will be there for most of the Debconf15.
Who is involved in a Debian derivative and going to DebCamp15?
I might be two days (last friday and saturday) on DebCamp15 but I'm not sure if it's worth it. Debian-installer, Debian-cd, debian-live, debian-derivatives, ... too many people to ask and to match timetables.
What sort of derivatives related events do we want to have at DebConf15?
1) I'm going to propose a Rescatux talk.

2) And probably also a Super Grub2 Disk talk (although that one is not related to derivatives that I know of).

3) The classic Debian derivatives BoF/Talk is fine for me. I would prefer a workshop, like a Debian Live one, but that makes more sense in DebCamp15 I guess. You know what I mean? Debian derivatives BoF/Talk is a classic and it's a must because each year the problems are different, there are new derivatives, etc.

In the other hand always having a Debian derivatives BoF/Talk might mean that the problems that were arisen in last year Debconf have not been solved. Or maybe not. What I suggest you is to do the following task:

* Watch Debconf12, Debconf13 and Debconf14 Debian derivatives BoF/Talk.
* Write down a ranking about most dicussed issues/problems
* Present in this mailing list the ranking and let people vote the most important one. * Reserve a Debian derivatives Bof/Talk specifically for the most important issue that we have.
* Fix the problem during the Bof/Talk or make a final decision about it

OR... Split the classic Debian derivatives BoF/Talk so that 50% is the classic talk and the other 50% one is specific to the most important subject.

4) Last Debconf14 I wrote down some notes in Gobby while taking a look at Debian derivatives page. I mean, that could be meeting in person with Paul for 2 hours and re-writing the Debian derivatives wiki from scratch (or propose a new one).

OR... I could make also a talk about how Debian is handling derivatives which would be quite similar to the notes I wrote down. Basically the problem is Debian presenting available Debian resources to consume as needed instead of designing a non-Debian people focused page (plus different views based on different types of public). I think all the Debian project is tailored in the same way but I only studied this wiki (Debian derivatives) and Debian Upstream wiki page. So... the talk could be renamed as: How Debian interacts with non Debian people through its webpage and wiki. I'm not personally interested in doing this talk due to its non technical nature but if you think it might be interesting you can convince me on doing it.

There don't appear to be any derivatives related events proposed yet
but there will be a blends sprint during DebCamp:

Nice. I would be interested in proposing a rescue blend (so that I could use as a Rescatux template) but I already promised working on that subject and I was not able to finish it. So... I don't propose myself yet.


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