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Seeking for Upstream mentorship

This message might be offtopic depending on derivate people being also upstream of their own software package or not.

I have found a debian-upstream mailing list ( https://lists.debian.org/debian-upstream/ ) but I have choosen not to write there because there is not many traffic on it (seems dead).

1) Debian mentorship

First of all let me explain what I think is Debian mentorship because I will use it as a base for further explanations. I have been reading: https://wiki.debian.org/DebianMentorsFaq and http://mentors.debian.net/intro-maintainers but there's not a direct definition or something similar that convinces me. (Feel free to adapt it and use it on the Debian wiki pages).

Custom definition: Debian mentorship is a workflow set in Debian so that current Debian developers can teach and assist to-be package maintainers. Usually an sponsor will initially check the package technical requirements in Debian and ask for the maintainer to meet them correctly. Finally it might upload the package to the Debian repository.

So what I mean is that once a to-be maintainer submits a draft of package the Sponsor can help him to meet minimum Debian requirements.

2) Upstream mentorship (desired)

Upstream mentorship is a workflow set in Upstream-FOSS-Mentorship-site so that experienced Upstream FOSS developers can teach and assist other upstream FOSS maintainers. Usually an sponsor will initially check the upstream source code release technical requirements so that they meet commonly accepted design, workflow, copyright and standards targeted at their upstream package. Then he asks for the maintainer to meet them correctly. Finally it might certify his released source code as FOSS-Community-friendly.

Depending on the nature of your FOSS software the FOSS maintainer can be redirected to different kind of mentor people: E.g. Xorg mentors or Perl mentors with their own mailing lists.

3) Upstream mentorship (in practice)

I will be very happy if there was a mailing list similar to Debian mentors mailing list ( http://lists.debian.org/debian-mentors ) but aimed at Upstream people.

4) Current resources

4.1) I have found: Upstream Guide Debian wiki page ( https://wiki.debian.org/UpstreamGuide ) which it's quite good indeed.

4.2) I remember having using Savannah Non GNU forge site from GNU years ago where there was some kind of mentoring but aimed only at Copyright. The Copyright needed to be perfect in every file and so on. If the Copyright minimum requirements were not met you were not allowed to upload any code to their forge. Here there are some related instructions: http://savannah.gnu.org/maintenance/HowToGetYourProjectApprovedQuickly/ .

5) Example based on Rescatux / Rescapp

These are some questions that I would ask in such a list. You are not supposed to answer them. It's just for making clear that my questions are more aimed at development design that final release or copyright (although I'm also interested).

5.1) Rescapp, my main program, is based on Python. Currently it adds dinamically rescue-targeted scripts to a self-building pyqt menu. What's the advised way of dealing with plugins in Python? And what about PyQT? 5.2) Current Rescatux, which it's a distro, source code contains Rescapp source code in it as is. Am I supposed to keep a separated GIT repo for each one of the applications in my distro ? How do I handle each of them as if they were one GIT repo to ease development? 5.3) Is there any script for checking every script and their copyright and add to them a default copyright based on GPLv3 and my name? 5.4) Rescapp, currently lives at the Debian live desktop user directory and it's path is hardcoded. How do python programs deal with hard coded paths usually?

6) Some more thoughts

As you can see some of my questions can be answered by reading Upstream Guide Debian wiki page ( https://wiki.debian.org/UpstreamGuide ) and some others could be answered if I look for Python information and probably subscribe to a Python or PyQT newbie mailing list.

Anyways I am still lacking a central place where a FOSS-Wannabe-Developer can be mentored by more experienced people and then, if needed, directed to specific projects for seeking more specialized help.

I am thinking on packaging Rescapp for Debian, probably next year, but I always come to the conclusion about Rescapp not being an upstream package per self and not being good enough. That's why I have written this long email.

I am also discarding debian-upstream mailing not only because of its low traffic but because it's aimed at matching Debian criteria and not common FOOS criteria. Anyway you can convince me otherwise.

7) Finally

7.1) Is there a place like the one I have described in either "Upstream mentorship (desired)" or "Upstream mentorship (in practice)"?
  7.2) Isn't there and we need to make it up?
7.3) Is debian-mentors mailing list the place I am looking for because in practice it's not focused in Debian only?

Thank you for feedback and sorry if such questions have been already covered. Please point me to another Debian mailing list if this is not the right place to ask this.

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