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BlankOn 9.0 Suroboyo Released

BlankOn 9.0 Suroboyo
BlankOn Project Developer is proud to present the 9th release codenamed Suroboyo . This release with support for more hardware and the latest so users no longer need to install driver for the hardware . This release also contained the addition of new features and applications in it, in the hope that users can more easily in use .

Manokwari is a desktop enviroment that was developed by the BlankOn developers with HTML5 and CSS3 technology . This makes desktop Manokwari be pretty , modern , lightweight and easy to modify.
Inline image 1

Contextual Desktop
Dynamic desktop corresponding to the time change Suroboyo make BlankOn look more fresh and not boring .
Inline image 2

Latest Office Applications
BlankOn already provides the latest office applications are complete and reliable , supports a variety of popular office file formats .
Having open document formats with much smaller file sizes and more secure documents appropriate national and international standards .
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Multimedia Support
You can immediately play music , play videos and multimedia files shortly after BlankOn installed without installing advanced applications . All are readily available .
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Graphics applications
BlankOn comes with the default application that supports graphics processing , starting with the opening image ( gThumb ) , bitmap -based image editor ( gimp ) to vector -based graphics editor ( inkscape ) . You will easily make a logo or create a wedding invitation design family or colleagues .

Warung Application - Warsi
Want to install applications in BlankOn ? Now faster , easier and complete the application using the Warsi (Application Center)
Inline image 5

geo.BlankOn is a digital mutual cooperation activities to develop the cluster software and geospatial data created to support a variety of computer platforms . In its development , the application can provide a wide variety of data such as location-based tourist spot , the point of public services , the flood point , the point of congestion on highways and other public information .
More information geo.blankon.in
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Maleo make BlankOn HTML5 -based applications can run on the desktop . Maleo can also be used to develop HTML5 -based applications that can run both on the desktop and on mobile devices .
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More Information http://www.blankonlinux.or.id/unduh/
Download : http://cdimage.blankonlinux.or.id/blankon/rilis/9.0/


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