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Popcon and version suffix in derivative packages. Wiki oudated?


We are again considering including popcon in linGobEx.

In [1] the following is stated:

"Currently Debian does not have a way to differentiate between popcon
submissions by Debian users from submissions by users of derivatives.
Work is ongoing to fix that issue but for now we would prefer that
derivatives with large amounts of popcon submitters who don't yet comply
with this suggestion (such as Ubuntu) should continue to have their
popcon submissions sent to their separate popcon instance only and not
to Debian's instance".

And also:

"If apt package in the derivative carries custom suffix (since per se no
other distribution-specific information is included in the popcon
submissions) it could allow Debian to discover the most popular
derivatives and provide some nice statistics of the usage beyond stock

[1] https://wiki.debian.org/Derivatives/Guidelines#Popularity_Contest

I assume that info is outdated by now and that the Vendor field of dpkg
origins file is the only way to go as stated in [2].

[2] https://wiki.debian.org/Derivatives/Guidelines#Vendor

Can someone confirm this?

We are specially interested in the suffix suggestion, as our native (but
non-Debian) packages are not currently suffixed.

It is neither clear how many submitters will be considered a "large
amount" although I'm not sure if this still matters, now that the
derivatives can be differentiated.

Thank you in advance. Regards,

Alberto Caso <alberto.caso@gobex.es>

Servicio de Implantación de Sistemas.
Dir. Gral. de Administración Electrónica y Tecnologías de la
Consejería de Administración Pública.
Gobierno de Extremadura.

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