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Patents: Join Open Invention Network advice

  Hi all,

As you might now from earlier posts I'm the main Rescatux developer. Last year I received several emails (because I always told him that I would take a look later at it and I didn't because of being busy) from a Open Invention Network (OIN) contact.

  You will find what they sent to my email below.

Basically what you can read at their FAQ ( http://www.openinventionnetwork.com/about_faq.php ) is:

What is Open Invention Network®?
Open Invention Network’s mission is to further software innovation by acquiring patents to be used for cross-licensing purposes to defend the Linux System - making them available on a royalty-free basis.

I am personally a bit unconcerned because I live in Europe where I think that software patents are not legal yet (or maybe they are because you never know when lobbys win). But as Rescatux can be downloaded and used in the USA I'm a bit concerned too.

  Anyway, the questions are:

1) Should I apply to OIN so that Rescatux is a member?
2) What's the Debian policy about OIN? I've only found this information:


but nothing specific about OIN.

3) Are there any specific patent guidelines for Debian derivatives? I didn't find anything relevant in: https://wiki.debian.org/Derivatives/Guidelines . 4) As some of the Debian derivatives representatives are in this mailing list, what you other Debian derivatives are doing regarding your patents? 5) Do you recommend me other royalty-free cross-licensing patent network to apply to?

Thank you.



My name is ***** ***** and I am writing to you on behalf of Open Invention
Network (OIN), an organization formed to support and protect the Linux
System and everyone who builds or uses Linux related technology.  I
recently noticed Rescatux on DistroWatch and want to invite you to join our
community.  As I haven't had any success locating a direct email address, I
hope this attempt will get to the correct audience.

The OIN community helps support open innovation and deter patent
restriction around the Linux and its related ecosystem by providing an
aggression "No Fly Zone." Anyone can join by pledging nonaggression towards
OIN members and, in return, receives the same pledge from the other members
as well as OIN's support if faced with aggression from third-parties.  Our
objective is a future where patent aggression aimed at Linux is

There is no cost to join and we now have over 480 members worldwide who
support our efforts to ensure the continued growth of Linux.  Ubuntu, Red
Hat, KDE, Mozilla, Hewlett-Packard, Twitter, and Google are just a few of
our members and we'd be pleased to have Rescatux join too.

While I know you're busy, I've taken the liberty to attach additional
information and, when you have time, invite you to review it as well as go
to our website at http://www.openinventionnetwork.com.

I thank you for your time and hope you will consider and join us.

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