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Re: When does a derivative become a derivative? Whonix integration into Debian?


On Mon, Dec 16, 2013 at 05:14:37PM +0000, adrelanos wrote:
> Paul Wise:
> > On Mon, Dec 16, 2013 at 1:06 PM, adrelanos wrote:
> >> Well, Whonix is packaged already. Just not sure you like the way it's
> >> packaged. Would it be accepted for a blend?

Since Debian is a Do-O-Cracy it is not so much whether something is
accepted but rather whether there is somebody doing the work (inside the
boundaries of Debian policy).

> > I haven't looked at how it is packaged yet. All the blends packaging
> > obviously needs to be policy compliant; not modifying conffiles of
> > other packages and so on.
> I hope this isn't a deal breaker? That is unfortunately the essence of
> what Whonix is doing. We're for example modifying /etc/tor/torrc (using
> config-package-dev [in debian, great tool]). The only way of not doing
> that would be implementing /etc/tor.d upstream first, which would have
> to be done in C, which is outside my skill set. My choices boiled down
> to not creating a derivative or having one which comes with all the
> recommended privacy enhanced settings.

In my eyes the Debian policy is our way to define what we are
considering "the right way" (tm).  So implementing /etc/tor.d in my nose
smells like the right thing (without having dealt with tor myself at
all).  So yes, tweaking config files is not the right way and sometimes
the right way leads uphill in the beginning.

> Is this "not modifying conffiles of other packages" written in stone or
> open for relaxation for blends?

A Blend is no relaxation of Debian since it is pure Debian, sorry.
However, you might consider running a Blend anyway and put some
structure by the Blends framework into your project and win some friends
with same goals by advertising your stuff by the means of the Blends web
sentinel.  This leaves your work you need to do outside Debian just to
the "dirty tricks" you might need currently.

Kind regards



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