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Re: Debian derivatives census: Matriux: welcome!

On Sun, Dec 15, 2013 at 7:17 PM, Paul Wise <pabs@debian.org> wrote:
Hi Prajwal,

I would like to welcome yourself and Matriux to the Debian derivatives
census! Would you like to take this opportunity to introduce yourself
and Matriux to us all? Also, apologies for the lateness of this mail.


Hi Paul, 

Thanks for getting Matriux on Debian derivatives census. the link above to the census pretty much explains all about Matriux. Also Matriux was the first security distribution for penetration testing and forensic to be based directly on Debian. Started with a handful of team from India, France and US (yes handful 5 member team) and still the team stays the same, we have been working on getting more support and expanding the project for a last couple of years. 


It would be great if you could join our mailing list and IRC channel:



I would encourage you to look at Debian's guidelines for derivatives:


You may want to look at our census QA page, some of the mails from there
may apply to Matriux.


You don't appear to be subscribed to the Matriux census page, I've made a
few changes to the page:


I have and I looked into the changes you made.  

Can you check if the "Distribution type" and "Debian derivative model"
fields are correct?

They are correct. 

Would it be possible for you to add the Matriux sources.list to the wiki
page? This will eventually help feed back patches and new packages to
Debian developers.

Matriux currently pushes updates from git through a update shell script, we have been testing a repository and should get it functional in a couple of months

There doesn't appear to be a Matriux blog or a blog aggregator for
Matriux developers. If these existed they would be syndicated on Planet
Debian derivatives and would help the Debian community find out the
things that are happening in Matriux.

Yes, there is no official blog for Matriux, we developers post the news on our personal blogs and Matriux forums. 


Will look into this soon! thank you 

I note there is another security related Debian derivative called Kali,
have you considered collaborating or merging with them? There is also
the forensics team within Debian.


Yes we have been observing the project from Backtrack 2, right now we haven't considered on merging with Kali, but things could turn out differently in future. 

the dpkg vendor parent is set to Debian.

Thank you again ! Looking for some support from the Debian derivative community and also happy as well proud of our contribution to the community and we look forward to continue the same in the coming days! 




Prajwal Panchmahalkar
       C|EH, AFCEH  

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