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Re: Announcing Whonix's First Implementation of Verifiable Builds

On Wed, Dec 11, 2013 at 10:55 PM, adrelanos wrote:

> you may or may not be interested, that Whonix [1] (a derivative of
> Debian) first implementation of verifiable builds has been finished.

Interesting stuff, thanks for mentioning it here.

> How it works (very brief)...

A reasonable approach considering the lack of OEM-mode like
capabilities in Debian.

> And I also have a question. During Whonix's build process, after
> installing all packages inside the image, commands like
> are run. Is there perhaps a better way of temporarily getting rid of
> non-deterministic files than manually running these scripts, for
> example letting dpkg call those scripts?

A few links related to that:




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