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Re: New Debian Derivative

On Fri, 20 Sep 2013 14:24:50 +0530
kumar shantanu <k.shantanu2006@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Paul,
> When I say lighter I meant having less packages/services which will
> need less resource on the system to run the OS.

Logical fallacy.

If you want existing packages to use less resources you have to
recompile the code for those services - and then find the bugs in the
clients and recompile the clients.

If you want to use an alternative package to provide a service, you
have to deal with all of the bugs from clients of that service which
expect interfaces which your alternative no longer supports. That
involves recompiling those clients.

If you want new packages to provide a replacement service, you have to
write that code and compile it - and then patch and recompile all the
clients to support the replacement.

You can make existing packages take up less storage space than
currently but that does not affect the runtime resources required for
that service.

You cannot make existing packages lighter on resources without

> I may agree with your
> that all this can be done with debianpureblends.
> BUT what if I really want to go with a completely new branded OS ?
> Can you guide me in that direction please.

If you are going to throw away binary compatibility with Debian, you
are largely on your own. You need to decide what changes you need to
make, you need to find the bugs which result from those decisions and
then find fixes for those bugs. Debian has any number of build systems
and debug tools which can help but the work is all down to you.

Debian will not get involved in bug fixes for derivatives which
recompile packages with their own changes and the derivative will need
to take care of keeping their own changes in step with changes within
Debian. Equally, Debian will generally not change the direction of
internal planned changes due to some interaction with some random
derivative - if that happens, it is only you who will be expected to
fix it.

Do you still want to do all that work?


Neil Williams

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