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Re: Derivative specific packaging teams on Alioth

On Tue, 3 Sep 2013, Raphael Hertzog wrote:

When I think of doing that for Kali, my main problem is that the Kali team
works a bit like Ubuntu, anybody can work on any package and there's no official
package maintainer. If we started to maintain packages in Debian, I'd have
to explain people that they take personal responsibility of the package
for as long as their name is on the package. I'm not sure how this would
work in practice.

I have at least one package (config-package-dev) team-maintained by debathena@mit.edu. It's a little unorthodox to have a non-Debian mailing list used as a maintainer, but there's no rule against it, and I'm happy to allow associated with Debathena who can get their upload sponsored (or can upload directly) to team-upload a new version. The project mailing list is also the right point of contact for questions/concerns about the packaging. Maybe this would work for Kali, or even for Xubuntu.

Debathena also has an Alioth group, so I'm happy to see this be more common in other derivatives, but I don't think we've used it for anything yet as it turns out.

Geoffrey Thomas

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