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Re: Debian derivatives & DebConf13

On Sun, Apr 28, 2013 at 4:09 PM, Jean-Michel Philippe wrote:

> We at DoudouLinux are interested in attending DebConf13. Indeed we'd
> like to have the opportunity to present our project, maybe with kind of
> conference and/or demonstration stand. As we've never attended any
> DebConf in the past, we're unsure about what we can propose for a
> DebConf. Maybe you can tell us more?

Excellent :)

In general DebConf doesn't usually have stands like there are at
LinuxTag etc since it is more of a developer conference. Perhaps at
DebianDay would be appropriate for that, but I'm not sure.

As far as derivatives go, usually we have a BoF where we discuss
issues and directions for derivatives.

In 2011 we had a derivatives panel that was fairly well attended and
went well, video linked here:


I would like to repeat the panel and that would probably be the best
way for you to present DoudouLinux. A lightning talk might be good



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