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Re: Debian derivatives & DebConf13

+++ Paul Wise [2013-04-25 10:11 +0800]:
> Hi all,
> Who is involved in a Debian derivative and going to DebConf13?

Me (Emdebian and Ubuntu and various Linaro images which could be
considered very light Ubuntu derivatives)

> What sort of derivatives related events do we want to have at DebConf13?

I want a session on multiarch-based cross-building (Both ubuntu and linaro
are increasingly interested in cross-building Debian-based stuff).
This is not really a 'general derivative' subject.

I'd also like to talk about profile builds in some more detail, which
is a mechanism that derivatives could use (when they want to build
variants of packages without changing the original source). It
provides a complement (with dependency changes in control/packages
files) to dpkg-vendor variation (in rules file) which might be useful.
some feedback on whether derivitives want such a mechanism, and
whether there is enough genericity in the sort of changes wanted for
it to make sense to upstream them and encode them in profiles.

The profile mechanism was primarily designed for bootstrapping
(staged builds), but has been implemented in a reasonably generic way
so it could in principle be used for things like 'nodocs',
'crossbuilding', 'no language bindings', 'embedded', 'notests',
'random distro'.
Defining the overlap with DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS and which options to
allow/what actually makes sense is something up for discussion. 

Principal hats:  Linaro, Emdebian, Wookware, Balloonboard, ARM

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