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Re: Derivatives needing to replace config files

On Thu, 11 Aug 2011, Karl Goetz wrote:

On Thu, 28 Jul 2011 14:28:34 -0400 (EDT) Geoffrey Thomas <geofft@MIT.EDU> wrote:

Debathena developed a CDBS extension module called config-package-dev
that lets you do this in a mostly-sane manner for packaged files
(either regular files or conffiles, but not generated files). The
purpose of config-package-dev is to let us ship a package that via
dpkg-divert replaces a file in another package, so that we don't have
to rebuild the other package, take on responsibility for watching for
security updates, etc., and can just point users at the main Debian
repository for it.

That sounds really neat.


[...] I'm
also working on a Debhelper based reweite in my spare time since DH 7
got us much of what we originally wanted from CDBS, but I'm not sure
how quickly this will be done.

I can't offer to help write you port it, but if I can help in testing
your DH7(and over?) version at some point let me know :)

Hi all,

I've finally finished this rewrite and its documentation, and uploaded config-package-dev 5.0 to unstable and Ubuntu raring. Use is now super-simple with Debhelper 7-style rules files: if you want a package named mydistro-foo-config to override /etc/foo.conf, just make a new-style rules file that calls dh $@ --with=config-package, make debian/mydistro-foo-config.displace contain /etc/foo.conf.mydistro, and install a foo.conf.mydistro using e.g. debian/mydistro-foo-config.install. config-package-dev (dh_configpackage and its maintainer scripts) will take care of the rest.

Further documentation is on our website:

Let me or config-package-dev@mit.edu know if you've got questions about using the system.

Geoffrey Thomas

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