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Re: release aliases

Paul Wise:
> Hi all,
> In Debian we have long-term aliases that refer to different releases
> over time. oldstable -> lenny, stable -> squeeze and so on. For the
> derivatives census and possibly for users, it would be helpful if the
> Debian derivatives adopted this. I've added a paragraph to the
> derivatives guidelines suggesting the use of release aliases.
> Are any derivatives not using them? If so, it would be great to hear
> reasons for not using them or blockers for switching to using them?

For Whonix it's really "Wheezy". Stable is too old (Tor version), too
few hardening features... Wheezy is not out yet. Whonix shouldn't be
based on testing. But since Wheezy goes stable or is almost stable, for
Whonix the decision for now is really "Wheezy" and not "testing". When
Wheezy becomes stable, I can switch it to stable...

Is that a satisfactory answer?

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