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Re: Debian presence at UDS-R - call for topics

Nathan Handler dixit:

>- what could Debian do to avoid Ubuntu's need to fork packages?

Support build profiles, so I can finally, officially, upload
	Build-Depends: foo, bar <!ubuntu>, baz
to sid.

>- can Ubuntu contributors send a mail to inform relevant Debian
>  maintainers when a UDS proposal affect their packages, so they know
>  about it/ can provide feedback before implementation starts?

Yes please! Also, it’s currently pretty hard to get things done
on the Ubuntu side for a DD who even cares about his packages on
the Launchpad side, since the processes often differ, and other

Another minor thing: publish a page, somewhere, saying which
distribution is currently being developed on and whether a freeze
is in effect, and which are stable. That what exists of documentation
when trying to get things done always says “but when this-and-that
kind of freeze is in effect, you must…” but not how to find out if
it is. It’s mostly documentation for people who are already part of
Ubuntu/Canonical, or for newbies. Quick DD aids would help. (Oh, and
that page could help for me trying to decide when to upload what to
Debian and whether to apply for a sync/merge request.)

I want one of these. They cost 720 € though… good they don’t have the HD hole,
which indicates 3½″ floppies with double capacity… still. A tad too much, atm.
‣ http://www.floppytable.com/floppytable-images-1.html

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