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Re: suggestions for your spacefm deb

IgnorantGuru left as an exercise for the reader:
> Thanks a lot for your debian suggestions - I'll consider those changes.
> The debian folder is provided as a convenience to users of all
> debian-based distros, and as a starting point for distros to package it.
> As with any distro, if Debian wants to package spacefm they'll need to
> provide and maintain their own packaging files - mine are not compliant to
> their standards.  But having the 'debian' folder probably creates
> confusion, so I should add a readme clarifying this at least.  I also
> considered just removing it but there are people making use of it so that
> seems silly.

Ahh, the issue is that Debian uses TOPLEVEL/debian for its packaging. See 


"Many upstream code sources tend to include a rough /debian directory among
source files to ease bleeding-edge package compilation and installation on
debian (and derived) systems; while this is a good effort, it would be
better to leave it out of the final tarball as it can interfere with
debian's own packaging effort."

in my case, for instance, it means an extra build line to wipe out the
debian/ directory upon unpacking the tarball. no problem, unless i forget to
do it. or a reference to it escapes out of debian/ into your general source.

what applies to debian typically applies to ubuntu and other debian-derived
distros (such as sprezzos). i'm not trying to tell you how to do things,
just making sure you're aware of the issues -- i think spacefm is a
beautiful little program, a shining jewel of unix gui app design, and would
like to see it gain wide takeup.

disclaimer: i am not a debian developer / debian maintainer.

hack on! --nick

nick black     http://www.sprezzatech.com -- unix and hpc consulting
to make an apple pie from scratch, you need first invent a universe.

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