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Ubuntu Developer Week Planning

Hello everybody,

planning of Ubuntu Developer Week started early this time. The event
will happen from Tue 29th to Thu 31st January 2013. It's an IRC-based
event, where new contributors learn more about packaging, distro
development and how to interact with other open source projects.

In the past we often had people from the Debian project talk about the
relationship, about how to interact with the Debian community or about
their specific team, where Debian and Ubuntu maintainers worked
together. I always loved these sessions as it was great to have the
experts around and new contributors learnt right from the start what to
bear in mind when hacking on things.

We have 30m and 1h slots, so if anyone of you is interested in talking
about a general topic, their team or anything else, we'd be happy to
have you.

The preliminary schedule is up at


and if you want to book a slot or two, please just let me know and I'll
arrange it.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Have a great day,

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