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Re: Debian derivatives census: dpkg vendor information

Hi Paul,

> I've just added a new field to the derivatives census template:
>  * dpkg vendor: Please add here the output of this: dpkg-vendor --query
> Vendor. If this prints Debian then you need to patch base-files in your
> distribution to add a new file in /etc/dpkg/origins/example containing
> information about your distribution.
> Based on the patches to base-files[1], it appears that not all Debian
> derivatives are adding their distribution to the dpkg origins
> information. Some derivatives are also making mistakes in the ways they
> are patching base-files for the origins information.
> If you are patching base-files, please leave the dpkg origins file for
> Debian in place. Your dpkg origins file should contain "Parent: Debian",
> not have Parent be missing, empty or have some other value. The default
> origin in your distribution should be a symlink to your origins file,
> change VENDORFILE in base-files debian/rules to ensure that.

What is the benefit of making these changes to Debian, the derivative or the
end users thereof?

Thanks, Kel

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