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Debian presence at UDS-R - call for topics

  I'll attend the next UDS [Ubuntu Developer Summit][1] and represent
Debian there; as it often happens, there will probably be several other
Debian Developers at the event.

[1]: http://uds.ubuntu.com/

There will also be the usual Debian-Ubuntu relationship session, to
discuss what is going well, what is not, and plans for improvements. It
will be possible to participate live in the session following the stream
and asking question on IRC.

If you've topics that you want to be addressed during that session,
please followup-here mentioning them, or mail them to me in private
mail. I'll take care of raising them during the session and/or with the
relevant Ubuntu/Canonical people at the event, and report back here.

Thanks in advance for your help,
Stefano Zacchiroli  . . . . . . .  zack@upsilon.cc . . . . o . . . o . o
Maître de conférences . . . . . http://upsilon.cc/zack . . . o . . . o o
Debian Project Leader . . . . . . @zack on identi.ca . . o o o . . . o .
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