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derivatives and bugs

On Sun, 2012-09-23 at 02:23 -0400, nick black wrote offlist:

> ps feel free to reply to the list, quoting this as appropriate

Doing that since it gives me an opportunity to discuss some other things
related to bugs and derivatives that will allow us to expand the
derivatives guidelines on that topic.


For those derivatives who use the Debian wiki and link to their bug
tracker from the wiki, there is the possibility of having the wiki check
the bugs status/title etc and add a title and some CSS as appropriate.
This is currently enabled for Launchpad and bugs.debian.org.


It would be great if we could link to the bugs filed in derivatives
against packages in Debian from their PTS pages. Unfortunately it
appears that only Ubuntu and UltimediaOS have some kind of mapping
between bugs and source packages. Apparently UltimediaOS are switching
bug trackers so that may change soon, leaving only Ubuntu, which is
already linked from the PTS. Are any other derivatives interested in
having their bugs linked to from the PTS pages for each package and
willing to implement a machine-readable way for the PTS to know which
packages have bugs and where to find them?


> i added a link to a sprezzabugs search for keyword 'dbts' to the sprezzos
> entry for "bugs forwarded", and am tagging such bugs with said keyword. does
> that work for your various analysis tools (statistics, etc)? is there
> anything i can be doing differently to ease such integration?

That link isn't currently used by the census tools, it is informational
and mainly there as a way for people interested in specific derivatives
to find out how those derivatives would like Debian to change.

Adding some statistics and graphs to the output of the derivatives
census scripts would be nice and I will think about how to do it but for
that we need some sort of standard way to find stats, read on...

> an example: https://www.sprezzatech.com/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=358, forwarded
> as http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=687378.

For other folks on the list, you have linked to this:


Most other derivatives have been using the debbugs usertags feature instead:


It is possible to get the data for this like so:

rsync rsync://bugs-mirror.debian.org/bts-spool-index/user/*/ubuntu-devel%40lists.ubuntu.com some-dir

So if all derivatives were to use the usertags mechanism, we could
create some stats and graphs by querying this data. Nick, would it be
possible for you to start using usertags? Basically when forwarding bugs
you would add a couple of pseudo-headers. You would also need to mail
the control bot to add usertags to bugs you already forwarded.


I also wonder if we should have a standard set of usertags, something
like this perhaps. Probably no reason for derivatives who are already
using usertags to change to this scheme though, especially since debbugs
does not currently support changing usertags on archived bugs.





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