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Re: Debian derivatives census: semplice: broken source package

Il 19/08/2012 11:31, Paul Wise ha scritto:
On Sun, 2012-08-19 at 11:03 +0200, Eugenio 'g7' Paolantonio wrote:

Unfortunately due to some problems with my connection I was unable to
upload the source package.
I see.

Next package update will resolve the issue.

I'm a bit surprised your archive imported the package even though you
were not able to upload the package.

Well, the main repository is on a local server, which hosts the buildd.
Every hour a cronjob syncs it to sourceforge.

As there were some issues with the connection, I needed to hard delete the orig.tar.gz of that package, which is huge.

I will issue an update later this day.


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