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Re: bug in derivatives blog-polling scripts?

Thanks for the report Nick!

Neither of thse IP addresses are the Debian machines that run any part
of the derivatives census code:

pabs@chianamo ~ $ resolveip planet.debian.org
IP address of planet.debian.org is
pabs@chianamo ~ $ resolveip stabile.debian.org
IP address of stabile.debian.org is
pabs@chianamo ~ $ resolveip alioth.debian.org
IP address of alioth.debian.org is

Here is the Planet configuration for SprezzOS:


It points at this RSS feed:


That doesn't seem to contain the links.

I notice that the Planet Debian derivatives page contains stuff like
this (for all derivatives):

       <script type="text/javascript">
		 document.write( "<a href=\"#\"
); hideHosts(); return false;\"><img src=\"common/minus-8.png\"
style=\"border: none;\" title=\"Hide Author\" alt=\"Hide Author\"
height=\"8\" width=\"8\"><\/a> <a href=\"#\"
 style=\"display:none;\" onClick=\"show(
);  return false;\"><img src=\"common/plus-8.png\" style=\"border:
none;\" title=\"Show Author\" alt=\"Show Author\" height=\"8\"
width=\"8\"><\/a>" );

So it looks like somehow those id=..._show are getting leaked to a
href somehow. At least in Iceweasel this doesn't happen when clicking
on the +- buttons so I'm not sure what is going on. Do you know which
User-Agent these weird clients are using?



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