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daily updates for Debian derivatives census enabled

Hi all,

I've enabled daily updates to the census data[1] (except patch stuff).

Currently that means that the sources.list checker and the Packages and
Sources checker are now more useful and that I get daily mails when some
derivatives have broken apt archives or fail in other ways.

Currently that list includes Parsix (their mod_security config throws
403 errors at me[2]) and MetamorphoseLinux (see my previous mail[3]).

I would like to add more people to the cron mail recipients, volunteers?

Some things that need to be done if anyone would like to help out:

      * debtags.d.n configuration generator
      * make the planet.d.o/deriv config generator less monolithic
      * www.d.o/derivatives generator to replace /misc/children-distros 
      * think through and fix all of the current issues with the patch
        generation stuff, then enable daily generation
      * work with mehdi to implement a suitable UI for qa.d.o for
        maintainers to view, tag and hide patches from derivatives
      * lots of unimplemented ideas for checking Packages/Sources files
        in the bin/check-package-list script
      * add a way to mail diffs for specific config files (such as
        planet or debtags) to the designated maintainers of those
      * move the checkers to a lintian-style setup and possibly use
        parts of the lintian code to generate a lintian.d.o style
      * audit the scripts for security issues
      * add statistics and graphs
      * your idea here

If anyone wants to work on any of these, please poke me on IRC, I would
love to help get more people working on the census scripts.

     1. http://dex.alioth.debian.org/census/
     2. http://forums.parsix.org/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=1230
     3. [🔎] 1327017427.5424.63.camel@chianamo">http://lists.debian.org/[🔎] 1327017427.5424.63.camel@chianamo



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