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Re: listing Debian derivatives on the website?

On Sun, Jan 8, 2012 at 5:12 PM, Ryan Finnie wrote:

> If you do this (which is a good idea), I'd recommend adding some extra
> logic when dealing with kernel packages.  All packages in the Finnix
> repositories have proper source packages, with the exception of
> linux-image-*.  I build kernel packages using make-kpkg, so while
> there are corresponding linux-source-* packages distributed, there is
> technically no actual source package in Sources.
> If a source package is found, no extra handling should be needed.  But
> if not, and it's linux-{image,headers,source}-* etc, the lint program
> should try to make sure there's a corresponding linux-source "binary"
> package available.

Hmm, is make-kpkg not capable of making source packages?

> Excellent work on herding the cats so far, by the way.




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