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Re: bits from Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS-P)

On Wed, Nov 02, 2011 at 07:45:43PM -0400, Jonathan Carter (highvoltage) wrote:
> On 11-11-01 09:45 AM, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
> Pasted from attachment that contains notes from bof[1]:
> > There are places where Ubuntu needs to be a better upstream, if it really has
> > an interest in having the software in other distributions. Packages which are
> > in Debian, but very out of date.
> I brought up Software Center[2] during the session, which is quite
> outdated in Debian and has some Ubuntu specific changes for a few
> releases that makes it inappropriate for Debian.
> This afternoon I happened to run into Gary[3] and Michael[4], who are
> developers working on Software Center. Fixing it doesn't seem completely
> trivial, but both of them were enthusiastic about improving the situation.
> Michael and Gary, are there any further steps that you can recommend on
> getting things rolling? Should there perhaps be a wiki page for this?

I merged a portability branch from Sebastian Heinlein today, this
should make it work on Debian again. One issue left is that
gobject-introspection in debian is a bit too old for the code, it will
need updating (or we add compat code in s-c if the update is not
possible for some reason). Once that is resolved we should be able to
push the new version to Debian. 

> I feel kind of guilty pushing this because I know you have lots of work
> already, but I also think that this is a good opportunity for Canonical
> to be a good upstream. If you need any help, I'll try to help out where
> I can and round up some support.

Getting some help with the packaging would be really great, I believe
the amount of work on the Debian side is really small, but having
someone who follows the project and reminds us when we accidently move
Ubuntu specific stuff/code/strings into the core instead of the distro
class(es) would be helpful. If anyone is interessted, we have a irc
channel on freenode (#software-center). 


> Enjoy the rest of UDS!
> - -Jonathan
> [1] http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-p/meeting/19253/community-p-debian/
> [2] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SoftwareCenter
> [3] https://launchpad.net/~gary-lasker
> [4] https://launchpad.net/~mvo
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> 67lA+/qOQ2eINw3DvgOC/CsEju8D9SBoMONJJZePa7AFanx7Q/MwooHL91JUJ2Wu
> f85mzPikYx9I488UPLKqJNZ4f/vkgb2oSYlS5H8CiyUsV2Kz1zc+fGDAwj1uzT/q
> RgWqJCkZp2LHvpJkpnpVUnPaTcydB5eF4Ohh0ryIAOU5aByip66W1saRM6S9ZPGT
> fvrTXdycaLUtiPnN3vJoA3dZTyko1cd/B6cuQLVcccUDHvU3G/6ZZFdJ8oydqnSQ
> Z6kWmbu1uyyWDsADPHiYzEQmg3647t34CstO10AQMrIj4pUoV2FnhgXvOo6s7xOZ
> NZ3rD6Sac3s9BnR+bLZI5BaVjxnUveoj102432+Mmaol1IqIIV+honMxbIyoLrYt
> bANcw7cTgmiqg2Y7UnNeqD260naq3r/Lj6GCwagRs0iJfjPzofo5/yOfR9i/jkKu
> 095SgJdxyJEwXon9iT2qM+biWWiGmQAidV8ZfQXq9LHV2QIlDalsOQ+IlgiOVgaS
> KkU36VMnamXyGWfYooVsUMm3IoV5NJZ6RkzN6zZJ4uzky7r32WfJ4e0hWfWVM+HG
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