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Re: Derivatives branding (WAS: Re: Meeting minutes for 2011-10-23 UTC (Inaugural meeting))

On Tue, Nov 1, 2011 at 11:27 AM, Karl Goetz wrote:

> If there are any existing references it would be good to collect them
> together (somewhere).

Probably zack is thinking of this:


> The first active step perhaps. I'm still wondering how it should be
> organised and tracked. Is there a process in debian we should use?
> (something like the release goals or deps?). If not, I might create a
> sub page for [[Derivatives/Projects]] and start collecting ideas there.

How about some bugs usertagged with user
debian-derivatives@lists.debian.org and tags goal-debrand?

About usertags, we could also ask derivatives to usertag their bugs
with user debian-derivatives@lists.debian.org and derivative-ubuntu



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