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Re: Announcing derivatives patches and call for help and feedback

On Tue, 25 Oct 2011 13:57:20 +0200
Mehdi Dogguy <mehdi@dogguy.org> wrote:

> On 25/10/2011 09:50, Paul Wise wrote:
> > 
> > For the presentation side of things I am thinking one approach
> > might be to move UbuntuDiff[8] to the QA infrastructure, generalise
> > it and enhance it for this purpose. This will necessarily include
> > mechanisms to mark patches as having been dealt with or ignorable.
> > 
> > 8. http://ubuntudiff.debian.net/


> About source code, it is written in OCaml. I realize that OCaml is
> not the best candidate if we want people to contribute patches (or
> even have a look at the code) :) It depends on who wants to
> contribute here. I'm open to suggestions…

If integration with PTS is planned (and or if you're using
ubuntu-distro-info) perhaps python would make sense as a language

> ¹: btw, the tool's name is “maddie”.

Hopefully it won't be confused with (r)maddison :)

Karl Goetz, (Kamping_Kaiser / VK7FOSS)
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