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AstraLinux fatrat source package

Hi AstraLinux folks,

I'm working on generating patches and lists of new packages for each
Debian derivative.

I was unable to unpack the fatrat source package from here:


It gave some errors when I tried to unpack it, it would be great if you
could fix that:

$ dpkg-source -x fatrat_1.1.1-0astra4.dsc 
dpkg-source: warning: extracting unsigned source package (fatrat_1.1.1-0astra4.dsc)
dpkg-source: info: extracting fatrat in fatrat-1.1.1
dpkg-source: info: unpacking fatrat_1.1.1.orig.tar.gz
dpkg-source: info: unpacking fatrat_1.1.1-0astra4.debian.tar.gz
dpkg-source: info: applying missing_ru_translation
dpkg-source: info: applying flyicons
dpkg-source: info: applying addtranslations
dpkg-source: info: applying fixtranslatorinstall
patching file src/fatrat.cpp
Hunk #1 FAILED at 104.
Hunk #2 succeeded at 120 (offset 3 lines).
1 out of 2 hunks FAILED -- saving rejects to file src/fatrat.cpp.rej
dpkg-source: error: LC_ALL=C patch -t -F 0 -N -p1 -u -V never -g0 -E -b -B .pc/fixtranslatorinstall/ < fatrat-1.1.1/debian/patches/fixtranslatorinstall gave error exit status 1



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