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Re: SPACEflight apt repository


:: Paul Wise Mittwoch 12 Oktober 2011
> W: Failed to fetch http://serviceplatform.org/packages/./Release  Unable
> to find expected entry  Sources in Meta-index file (malformed Release
> file?)

I know what the issue is because I've already fixed it for the Packages file 
but not yet for the sources file. This is due to the design of apt-secure. It 
expects the signature for Sources and Packages to be present despite the fact 
that the files themselves are not present, only their compressed versions.

Interestingly, apt-ftparchive doesn't say anything about this mismatch.

Note that the package repository is in fact backed by a huge git repository. 
I've just pushed the fixed Release(.gpg) files and apt-get source appears to 
work fine.


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