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Re: census: apt sources.list snippets

On Sun, May 29, 2011 at 12:44:19PM +0800, Paul Wise wrote:
> I've written some scripts to download the census wiki pages, extract
> the sources.list snippets from them and run aptitude update against
> them. I sent some mails out to ask people to fix things and got a few
> updates. I had to do some of the fixing myself, but as of today, I get
> no errors :D

That's great.  How about blogging about that to: 1) show that having
census data actually enables doing this kind of quality checks; 2) point
even more derivatives to the census pages.

> I'll be improving the scripts and expanding their scope as I am able,
> but I was wondering where I should publish the scripts? Perhaps in the
> DEX group on alioth or should I create a 'derivatives' group on
> alioth?

Yes, absolutely, I believe it'd be appropriate.  Also, it'd be nice to
have some sort of report page which runs your script periodically and
publish on dex.alioth.d.o the result. Once more, I believe they could be
(technical) incentives for derivatives to follow some best practices
which we believe help in staying close to Debian.

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