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Sponsorship in Debian (Re: Ubuntu-originated packages in Debian (Re: ubuntu keyring?))

The situation with sponsoring in Debian is not specific to packages
from derivatives. Lets move the discussion about how it could be
improved to debian-devel, please reply there. For those not subscribed
to the debian-derivatives list, here is the mail that started the

[🔎] 20110519114617.GH7617@alcor.net">http://lists.debian.org/[🔎] 20110519114617.GH7617@alcor.net

Here are some things that people interested in helping improve the
situation could do:

Participate on -mentors with reviewing packages. Anyone and everyone
can do this.

Encourage people to use the "Debian Maintainer" status more. Encourage
people who are clearly clueful to join Debian via the "New Maintainer"

Chose a specific person to mentor, review their packages, educate them
about Debian, upload their packages when ready and encourage them join
DM/NM. Rinse, repeat.

Promote sponsorship amongst Debian uploading members. Blog about
positive sponsorship experiences you've had. This is probably a very
important thing to do.

Join the Debian new maintainer process as an application manager.
Promote being an application manager amongst Debian members. Blog
about your experience. The sooner someone is an uploading member of
Debian, the sooner they can sponsor someone else.

Write a sponsor-alert/mentors-alert script for devscripts that could
be used by people interested in sponsoring:


Help out with the debexpo project which aims to refresh the
mentors.d.n code and implement some of the ideas generated a while ago
that could be used to streamline the flow of packages into Debian.
Mainly this is about matching the interests of sponsors with packages
produced by people who are not (yet) able to upload and also
automating as much of the review process as possible. Kinda like the
RFP tag idea from the thread on -derivatives but much larger in scope:


If you are part of a team, get a PET instance installed and regularly
look at and work on the "Ready for upload" section:


Contribute to the documentation about sponsorship that we have available:


Attend Asheesh Laroia's talk and David Bremner's BoF at DebConf11 on
these topics.



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