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Re: sysklogd: diff for NMU version 1.5-6.1, DELAYED/15

Hello all,

sorry for the late answer, I didn't have much time for Debian

Stefano Zacchiroli [2011-05-06 14:16 +0200]:
> Thanks a lot for the review, Guillem. I've looked into it and I see no
> blockers for letting the DELAYED NMU go ahead. Nonetheless, if Martin or
> Matt want to update the patch to take into account some of your
> comments, I'll be happy to sponsor another upload with the updated
> patch.

TBH it's pretty obsolete. rsyslog is the standard logging daemon now,
and since then the kernel also has been fixed to not require root
privileges for reading (not opening) from /proc/kmsg any more (which
was the reason for the dd process). So rsyslog never had the nasty dd
hack, since at that point we rather got the kernel fixed.

The same approach could now be done for klogd, i. e. open /proc/kmsg
as root, then drop to the system user afterwards, and keep running.
So I honestly think we should just bury this patch and also revert
what's left of it in the Ubuntu package.



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