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Re: DEX update and next steps

On Mon, 21 Mar 2011, Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> * http://people.ubuntu.com/patches/kernel-package.safe-initrd.diff
>   This patch was intended to make initrd creation safer by writing it to a
>   temporary file first and then renaming it, rather than overwriting it
>   in-place.  The same problem may have been fixed in the Debian kernel
>   packages, in kernel-package or in initramfs-tools.
>   The Ubuntu kernel packages have since diverged and no longer use
>   kernel-package, and I'm not familiar with how this works in Debian today.
>   Suggested action: Examine the relevant packages and confirm that the
>   problem has been fixed and initrd images are written safely in Debian.

initramfs-tools does the right thing (I know it because I got the upgrade
interrupted due to the temporary file filling up the disk, alioth has a
ridiculously small /boot).

I don't know for yaird. I don't think we have any other initrd generator.

> * http://people.ubuntu.com/patches/sysklogd.no-root.diff
>   (Debian bug: http://bugs.debian.org/35325)
>   There's an open wishlist bug suggesting that syslogd could run as
>   non-root, and this Ubuntu patch was submitted to it in 2004.  Ubuntu is
>   still carrying this patch today, so there's an up-to-date version of it
>   available.
>   Meanwhile, both Debian and Ubuntu now use rsyslogd by default.  Should we:
>   - Try to get this patch merged into Debian
>   - Forget about it because sysklogd is no longer important enough
>   Thoughts?

Martin Schulze is both Debian maintainer and upstream maintainer. I
suggest to mail him directly (without going through the BTS) to get
a proper answer.

> = Next Steps =
> I'd like to start compiling ideas for the next Ubuntu DEX project, once the
> above tasks have been completed.  Here are some ideas:

All of them are a good idea. I would like to add one more:

- Kickstart pkg-ayatana. Concrete goal: have unity in Debian.
  Related tasks:
  - write some documentation on how to best maintain packages (with bzr)
    where Ubuntu is the upstream.
  - find some maintainers to staff the pkg-ayatana team
  - introduce all the needed packages under the pkg-ayatana umbrella

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