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Re: www.d.o/misc/children-distros

On Sat, Jan 29, 2011 at 01:09:32PM +0800, Paul Wise wrote:
> I would like to make the descriptions on children-distros consistent,
> suggested format:
> <p><a href="http://example.com";>example</a> is... one paragraph
> overview of the goals and information about the distro</p>
> <p><a href="http://wiki.debian.org/Derivatives/Census/Example";>More
> info...</a></p>
> We should try to rewrite any descriptions given to us to make them
> more clear and less like advertising.


> I would suggest that for all distros that are dead, inactive or no
> longer directly based on Debian we should:
> Remove their blurb from children-distros


> Remove their Derivatives/Census/ page if it exists (a thought for the
> future).

Yeah, although this my turn out to be a bit more complicate, in the
sense that we need to decide how often synchronize the wiki page with
the www.d.o page. Keeping the wiki page make sense as it makes very easy
for derivatives to declare themselves, but we need to ensure that
periodically we sync with the static list. Any idea about how to do
that? (I'm totally fine with you doing that, but having a mechanism that
help in forgetting doing this would be nice. E.g.: a periodic report on
this list of which new distros have been added to the wiki and the
"diff" with the website.)

> Maybe add a link to the distrowatch page in the section about inactive
> distros.

The link to the distrowatch page is a very good idea.

> Not sure how to decide if the link gets added or not.

Uhm, I'm not sure I understand this: is your doubt how to decide whether
a distro is "dead" or not? In that case, I believe many distros are
"clearly" dead (e.g. gone website, no release for the past 5 years,
etc.). A conservative rule could be that we consider them dead as long
as there is no doubt that they are not.

> Any thoughts?

A comment I advanced some times ago to the -www team about that and
similarly structured pages (e.g. the partners page) was to reorganize
them with per-entry pages, having the main page which is just an index,
but an index with (equally-sized) logos of each distro. The rationale is
that distros tend to be clearly identified by logos, and having them in
the index makes easy for users of those distro to realize "hey, this is
my distro". I'm not sure whether it would make sense or not to have the
index page point to the wiki entries of the census; this question is
related to the work-flow between www.d.o <-> wiki.d.o above.


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