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Re: This week in debian podcast interviews

On Nov 11, 2010, at 15:35, Jonathan Nadeau wrote:

Hi Jonathan,

> Hello list,
> My name is Jonathan Nadeau and i'm the host from This Week in Debian.
> Zak got a hold of me and told me about the interest in interviewing
> Debian derivatives and their relationship with Debian. I'm up for any
> interview like this i can interview at least four people at a time not
> including me. please email me at frostbite.tv@gmail.com and I can set up
> anything you would like to talk about. I think this would be a great
> addition to the podcast to inform people about the work debian does with
> other distros. So again please email me with any contact info or
> suggestions. Thanks for the help and interest.

I'd like to participate. I worked as Maemo's "Debmaster". Essentially I helped developers package their software for the Maemo platform. I can discuss how Nokia worked to integrate Debian and the community. Maemo's current status is essentially dead, it has been turned completely over to the community for maintenance, but Nokia is not developing Maemo anymore and is focusing on MeeGo.

For other derivatives, you may want to see if you can contact people like Matt Zimmerman from Ubuntu, people from Crunchbang, Linux Mint, or other distros like grml. I know that there has been some interest expressed on this list for a podcast like this so I am certain you'll be able to find some people to participate.



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