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On Sat, Sep 18, 2010 at 02:09:42PM +0100, Clement Lefebvre wrote:
> It's not a switch. It's an addition. We offer many editions. One of
> them is based on Debian Testing. All others are still based on
> Ubuntu's latest.

Interesting, I didn't know that.

> There are many reasons:

Thanks for sharing these.

> - The speed and performance gains.

Can you expand on what performance gains you see with Debian compared to

> - There was a huge demand for it.

Did the people making this demand have the same reasons you listed in your
mail, or perhaps others?

> Whether it's plymouth, GDM, the CTRL+ALT+Backspace change... there
> has been time where we didn't feel in control of things and we found
> ourselves stuck in a position where we just had to follow. Our
> impact on the overall Linux desktop isn't as big as upstream
> projects such as Ubuntu or Gnome of course, so we humbly accept
> these things and support them towards our users... still, it's a
> reason for us to do some R&D and seek solutions to give us more
> choices and options in the future.

So there were some changes made in Ubuntu which you didn't feel were
beneficial to your project.

When these changes were being discussed---on ubuntu-devel, in Launchpad
blueprints, at UDS, etc.---was anyone from Mint involved in those
discussions?  Were you surprised by the changes when they happened?

We strive to be transparent and open to participation in projects like
these, I'm interested in your feedback on how Ubuntu can improve this type
of engagement with our downstreams.

 - mdz

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