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Re: Uploading new packages to Debian instead of Ubuntu [was Re: Skeletor?]


On Tue, 03 Aug 2010, Alexander Reichle-Schmehl wrote:
> > Most DDs are willing to perform sponsoring and, even better than that,
> > there are packaging teams[0] which I've found to be very welcoming to
> > new contributors.
> While it is true, that most DDs are willing to sponsor your package if
> you ask them directly, it should not be hidden, that the debian-mentors
> list / Requesting for sponsorship isn't scaling very well.  Often
> sponsorship request are repeated and no one picks them up.
> As a side node, I as Debian Developer, found it quite demotivating to
> get a sponsorship request mostly motivated by getting a package into
> Ubuntu, as I consider them a waste of my time.  I think it's similar
> with other DDs.

I would not generalize too quickly. I think getting the package uploaded
to Debian only to have it in Ubuntu would be wrong and I hope anyone
willing to integrate the package in both distributions is not motivated
only by the fact that it ends up in Ubuntu.

Anyway, I judge sponsorship request on the usefulness of the application
and not on the intent of the maintainer. That said the maintainer should be
aware of Debian's philosophy and of the associated obligations of
continued maintainance (it's not a one time task). He must be willing to
meet those expectations from the Debian project.

Concerning debian-mentors, it's true it doesn't scale well and there are
probably more requests than sponsors available. I do hope however that a
good sponsorship interface mixing REVU into debexpo would allow for more
limited commitment in the sponsorship. I would happily review and give
comments but I prefer to only sponsor something that is of interest to me
and that I'm likely to use occasionaly at least.

OTOH, I would be more likely to sponsor something that is almost ready because
someone else has already done the review and the package got fixed. A web
interface showing the history of the package would allow to do such selection
more easily than debian-mentors currently does.

In the end, I really wish that we find motivated people to create that
new and improved sponsorship service and I hope we can share the same service
between both distributions, because a good package is a good package no matter
where it ends up being uploaded.

> We already have enought bitrot in Debian.  I don't think we need to add
> more, even if it takes away already limited resources of Debian's
> mentoring system.

I think it's unfair to say that those packages are going to end up bitrotting.

But it's true that we must find a balance and IMO Ubuntu should try to have a
stronger policy to avoid vanity packages and packages of low-quality software.
In particular since there's no process like Debian's MIA process that tends to
clean up vanity packages once the corresponding maintainer has disappeared.

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