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Bug#1009036: Use rel="nofollow" for links recognized in user messages

Package: debbugs

Please, consider adding the rel="nofollow" attribute to the links found in the text of user messages. Such value tells search engines that the link should not increase page rank of the target page. I hope, it will make debbugs sites less attractive for spammers, at least for those of them who try to promote some sites posting comments with links. The approach with <a rel="nofollow" href="...">...</a> links is used by various forum and blog engines.

Originally I asked administrators of debbugs.gnu.org concerning missed of "reply" mailto: links on that instance and they said that it is intentional change to avoid spam. I have no experience related to struggling with mail spam, however I have seen recommendations for web content to mark links in user comments as nofollow otherwise a site will be attacked by spammers. I have realized that that there is no such attribute on bugs.debian.org (or I was lucky to check only links to white-listed domains) and I have seen some spam messages in various reports.

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