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Bug#712979: debbugs: get_bug_log can incorrectly return an e-mail body with xsi:type="xsd:long"

(Moving to #712979 for the REST interface thing, and adding Bastian to

On 31.12.2021 Don Armstrong wrote in #1002595:
> [Really, it's past time for us to support a REST interface and
> abandon the SOAP interface.]
Just wondering: Don, how much effort would you estimate is this? Do you
have plans for working on this? Could this be a suitable project for a
summer of code contribution?

Since it is not mentioned in this bug yet - There was some discussion
about this on the mailing list some time ago:
This is linked to https://github.com/venthur/debbugs-proposal

There seem to be several frameworks available in Perl to build REST
interfaces. Do you have any preference on which one should be used?

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