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Bug#853915: reportbug: Retrieved base64 messages aren't decoded

control: reassign 853915 bugs.debian.org
control: affects 853915 reportbug

Bug summary:
 - Browsing bug logs in reportbug is broken for some messages
 - Bug log messages retrieved from the BTS via the SOAP interface
   are supposed to be decoded, but in these cases aren't.
 - All MIME multipart messages are affected (e.g., messages with
   attachments, PGP/MIME signed messages)
 - The debbugs code itself seems fine (AFAICS)

> Looking now at the code starting here:
> https://salsa.debian.org/debbugs-team/debbugs/-/blob/master/lib/Debbugs/MIME.pm#L130
> Somehow, when the code is run on the BTS server, the MIME::Parser seems
> to fail and the `parse` function code is falling back to the legacy
> pre-MIME code. Why?

To check whether a problem with some old version of libmime-tools-perl
could be behind this, I've tested this with the versions in stretch
(oldstable) and jessie (old-oldstable), but couldn't reproduce the
problem there either.

Thanks to
it is now also clear that I've looked at the correct code, and the code
is actually working as intended in another debbugs installation. (Due to
this bug (#853915), #910360 actually currently does not apply to Debian,
because `get_bug_log` SOAP queries have been returning complete messages
with all attachments since at least 2017.)

So the problem is specific to bugs.debian.org. Reassigning accordingly.

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