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indirect BTS spam via subscriptions

Hi BTS keepers,

I got a bounce-back when I added information to Bug#758022.

The bounce was from one tristan.luten@gmail.com, the contents said

"Thanks for emailing me! No, I haven't been hacked :)

I signed up for a spam filter service called BitBounce. To deliver your shotgun email to my inbox, please click the link below and pay the small Credo (coin) fee. Thanks!

$0.90 to deliver your email."

That might (or arguably might not) be a legitimate means of managing the spam one receives.

But it's not an appropriate response from someone subscribed to a Debian bug report receiving information from that bug report.

What mechanism do we have to scrub subscribers (tristan.luten@gmail.com in this case) from Debian bugs?

Can tristan.luten@gmail.com please be scrubbed from Bug#758022 ? (and any other bug I suppose)


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