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Bug#705155: debbugs: "control:" commands sent to *-close addresses get ignored

On 10-Apr-2013, Don Armstrong wrote:

> Right, this is as documented:
> http://www.donarmstrong.com/posts/control_at_submit/

The brute fact “[implemented] with the exception of messages received
at nnn-done and nnn-forwarded” is documented, true. I don't see a
rationale for *why* that exclusion is needed, though.

Why exclude those addresses from this feature? It's surprising,
because IMO those addresses are part of the set “sending messages to
the bug report” and should parse the message content the same way.

To answer an implied question at that document:

> I don't know why you'd use it for anything else but submit@
> messages, but hey, whatever works.

Because a message to a bug report is an excellent time to update the
bug report's metadata with BTS control commands, and ‘NNN-done’ /
‘NNN-forwarded’ are no exception to that.

For example, <URL:https://bugs.debian.org/323015#51>.

I hope that provides a use case, so that you *do* know why this is

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