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Re: jira integration

Just for the record, the right mailing list for discussing debbugs is
debian-debbugs@lists.debian.org; I've Cc:'ed this there, please direct
any follow-up to there.

On Mon, 16 Nov 2015, Louis Lu wrote:
> One of the key features of the product we need is that it must have
> 2-way integration between Jira and Debian bug tracking system.
> What I mean 2-way integration:
> I can create a ticket (eg a bug/support contact etc) from Debian bug
> tracking system in Jira.

If Jira can send and receive e-mail, then yes, it's possible to
integrate pretty trivially. Otherwise, it won't be trivial.

> If I update (eg, adding a comment or changing the status etc) that
> ticket in Jira, Debian bug tracking system will get automatically
> updated with the changes. If I update in Debian bug tracking system,
> Jira will get automatically updated.
> Is this possible to be done in Debian bug tracking system?


> Do you have an already built Plug-in for this functionality?


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