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Bug#800287: debbugs: Please migrate a supported debhelper compat level

Source: debbugs
Severity: important
Usertags: deprecated-debhelper-compat-leq-3


The package debbugs is using a debhelper compat level of 3 or less
according to lintian.  These compat levels have been deprecated for
the past ~10 years and debhelper will remove support for them in the near
future (as declared in [1]).

 * Please migrate the package to a supported debhelper compat level.
   - Compat 9 is recommended
   - Compat 5 is the bare minimum (compat 4 will be removed soon as

 * If your package uses any of the following tools, please remove them
   from the rules files.  Neither of them does anything except warn
   about their deprecation.
   - dh_desktop
   - dh_scrollkeeper (deadline: January 1st 2016)
   - dh_suidregister
   - dh_undocumented

 * Please note that your package might have been flagged for using
   e.g. "DH_COMPAT=2 dh_foo ...".
   - This will still cause issues when the compat level is removed.

 * If the package has been relying on dh_install being lenient about
   missing files, please see "MIGRATING TO COMPAT 5 OR LATER" in [1].

 * Deadline: 
   - compat 1+2: November 1st 2015
   - compat 3: January 1st 2016

If you are using other deprecated debhelper features (such as omitting
the debian/compat file), please consider fixing those while you are at


[1] https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2015/09/msg00257.html

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