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RE: FYI: git.donarmstrong.com/debbugs.git reports 403.

> > http://git.donarmstrong.com/debbugs.git. 403, forbidden.
> Thanks for the report; you should be able to pull again. [If you cannot, let me
> know.]

Hi, Don.

FYI, I still get 403 Forbidden errors when performing `git fetch origin` on my GNU box.

Based on dubious methodology (a locally installed http proxy with logging), I think the git client tries to access this resource first:


...Which is indeed 403 Forbidden when I try to visit it from an ordinary browser.

I think your /info and /object directories and children need to be readable.  The way git-over-http works is described here.  http://git-scm.com/book/en/v2/Git-Internals-Transfer-Protocols

I hope this helps.  Again, this is just an FYI since debbugs code lives in more than one place.


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