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Bug#782406: src:debbugs: invalid HTML links to packages when bug is reassigned

Package: src:debbugs
Severity: normal

A reassigned bug has links that contain invalid HTML, eg. see
where the sentence "Bug reassigned from package 'source' to 'python-requests-kerberos'." has the following HTML where the href's contain a full escaped <a>...</a> tag instead of just an URL:
Bug reassigned from package '<a href="<a href=&quot;pkgreport.cgi?package=source&quot;>source</a>">source</a>' to '<a href="<a href=&quot;pkgreport.cgi?package=python-requests-kerberos&quot;>python-requests-kerberos</a>">python-requests-kerberos</a>'.

Other links in the page are ok.


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