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Bug#694979: debbugs: get_bugs() should allow specifying binary versions of packages

On Thu, 12 Jun 2014, Francesco Poli wrote:
> The fact is that the enhanced get_bugs() I would need would anyway
> have to internally map binary packages and binary versions to source
> packages and source versions. During this process, it would anyway
> find any non-existing binary packages among the provided arguments. If
> get_bugs() also returned a list of non-existing binary packages, it
> would be a great way to solve #536613.
> I am therefore changing my feature request into the following one:
> I would need to call get_bugs() so that it returned an array with
> two elements. The first element should be an array containing
> all the (unarchived) bug-numbers that apply to the specified binary
> version of one of the mentioned binary packages and have one of
> the mentioned severities. The second element should a possibly empty
> array containing all non-existing binary packages (among the mentioned
> ones).
> Something like:
> get_bugs('severity', ["critical", "grave"],
>          'package', ["pkg1/x.y-z", "pkg2", "pkg3/a.b.c-d"])
> which would request the bugs that apply to binary version x.y-z of
> binary package pkg1, the bugs that apply to any version of binary
> package pkg2, and the bugs that apply to binary version a.b.c-d of
> binary package pkg3, and would also return an array containing the
> non-existing packages among {pkg1, pkg2, pkg3}.
> I really hope that this may be implemented, since it would allow me to
> significantly improve apt-listbugs.
> Please let me know what you think.

get_bugs returns bugs; there's currently no way for it to filter on the
basis of bug status or bug status at an arbitrary list of package

You'd have to first call get bugs with the set of packages that you were
interested in, and then call get_bugs_status() with the set of bugs that
were returned to figure out what package each bug was in, and finally
ask again whether the bug was still found in a particular source

I believe the only correct way to implement this is to have a new SOAP
call which actually asked for bugs which affected a list of packages
which had particular severity; it would be totally distinct from the
current get_bugs interface.

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